Monday, May 26, 2008

Nigeria is falling apart

What manner of country is this? It is only in this country that economic theory never works. We are being governed by people who never want this country to progress. The question is, who are these people? They are the people who claim to love this country but they do not. It is our leaders that are creating so much pain for you and me.Bad leadership is one of the greatest problems confronting Africa as a whole. Africa is still in darkness and Nigeria that claims to be the so-called giant of Africa is in hell. Let’s look at it from this scenario. By the time Obasanjo’s eight years in office came to an end, Nigeria had advanced so much in gangsterism. It was during this era that Niger Delta militancy took a turn for the worse.It was so because the system we operated was porous. It promoted and nurtured criminals because public offices were dominated by criminally-minded elements who took the advantage to enrich themselves. The corruption that swept through Nigeria on the platform of Obasanjo nurtured and promoted this way of life.While this was going on, our governments genuinely claimed to be fighting the malaise. But we have since discovered the truth that they were merely paying lip service with their declaration against armed banditry. But because we cannot pretend forever about the true state of affairs, we are today confronted with the sad reality that Nigeria is no longer a safe environment. Militants have taken over a section of Nigeria, where human life has become worthless.What are we really doing to this country? Why are things being allowed to deteriorate so much? I marvel at this level of passivity by our governments. Is it a conspiracy of sorts? Are we being fooled by those who harbour all the secrets of this country? What sort of country is this where corruption is the order of the day? It is okay, it is alright. Now, if we follow the current trend, we can only say that the worst is yet to come. This is so because those youths who have taken militancy as way of lie are telling their own story of Nigeria. Mismanagement has kept us where we are today. We have everything we want in this country, yet we are suffering for no reason. The country is messed up with so much atrocity in high places by those who govern us.I pity my generation. If at 2008, a bag of rice is sold at N16,600, how much will it be sold at 2012? If at 2008, ‘gunmen’ hijack WAEC question papers and distribute them to their clients, who are the students as an expo, definitely, more WAEC question papers will be hijacked in the years to come. These days, the universities, polytechnics and even colleges produce substandard graduates who cannot even write down their names, yet, they are called graduates.Everyday, our future is being jeopardized by what we see. It is only in this country that we take things for granted. Who cares? But is that what the owners of this country want? If it is what they want, so be it.

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