Friday, May 30, 2008

President Umaru Yar’Adua on Thursday said Nigeria might not have regular power supply until 2011.

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President Umaru Yar‘Adua

Yar’Adua, in a live television presidential media chat to mark his one year in office, gave two reasons why power shortage may persist.

These are non-existent of law to back up the much expected declaration of emergency in the power sector, and the fact that Nigeria had sold all its gas for export.

He said the deals entered into by Nigeria with international oil companies on gas would have to be renegotiated over seven years.

“It is only now that the nation realises the critical importance of gas to the national economy,” Yar’Adua added.

The President, who coughed repeatedly during the two-hour telecast, said the privatisation of the power sector had failed. He however pledged that a large chunk of Nigeria’s savings from oil revenue would be spent on repairing power stations and transmission grid.

The President said that the power sector was too sensitive to declare a state of emergency without having the necessary legislation to back up such a period.

He, however, noted that the plan to declare the state of emergency was still on course just as necessary steps were being taken to implement short and long term measures that would address the problem of electricity.

Yar‘Adua said that the power sector was one of the vital sectors of the economy that would fast-track development and attract more investors into the nation‘s economy.

He said, ”To declare a state of emergency, you must have a clear programme. There should be an emergency legislation that is meant to be in place during the period of the declaration.

”I had in mind that by the time I declare this emergency, the nation should know what the problems are. It has to be okayed by the National Assembly and all other related agencies, state and local governments and all other sectors of the economy.

”The issue must have been exhaustively discussed. So, it is not just a simple issue and by the time we are out of the emergency situation, it is expected that this country will be self- sufficient in the power sector.

”What we are doing is learning how to tackle the sectors one-by-one. That is where the issue of declaring a national emergency in power and energy sectors comes in. This is one of the most critical sectors that needed to be sorted out before we can move forward. I have promised this country that I will declare a national emergency in that sector.

”In August 2007, I set up the National Energy Council and also two committees that will look into the oil and gas sectors. Let me inform the nation that just this week, I received a copy of the power sector reform and had to go through it personally before it is officially presented.”

The President disclosed that as part of the plans, the emergency period would see the sector generating 6,000 megawatts by 2009, and 10, 000 megawatts by 2011.

He said his hope was that 10,000 megawatts would be sufficient for the nation’s needs to a large extent.

He said, ”Again, we will need a legislation that will serve as deterrent to offenders during the period of emergency.”

Reacting to criticisms that he was slow in taking decisions, the President said that he was not disturbed because he was determined to effect a change in the polity.

He explained that the issue of the rule of law was paramount to the sustenance of national development.

He said, ”I believe that what Nigerians expect of this administration and what I am determined and committed to do is to lay a solid foundation that will protect reforms and programmes that will transform this country from an underdeveloped one to a developed nation.

”When I came in, there were certain elements that I recognised very clearly that are key and critical to achieving these objectives and vision, in particular the vision 2020.

”These elements are the ones that can shapen the direction, and they are quite challenging, but if this nation must transform, these challenges must be tackled.”

Dismissing insinuations that he was not serious about tackling corruption, the President said he had ordered the prosecution of officials of the Federal Capital Territory Administration involved in the award of a fraudulent contract that led government to incur debts totaling N80bn.

He said, “Some officials, knowing that there is no appropriation; there is no cash backing, went and signed the contract. The contractors went and started work and then in the contract agreement, it was signed that any certificate of valuation which was not paid within the stipulated period in the contract agreement would attract a certain percentage of interest against the FCTA.

“Signing these types of agreement is against the extant laws of the Federal Government. The Bureau for Public Procurement law explicitly makes it illegal to award contracts without appropriation, or cash backing.

”What did we have? By the end of that, there were certificates worth N35bn, but the FCTA settled as and when due. It attracted an interest of N45bn.

“I have asked the FCTA to bring those who are responsible to be prosecuted.”

On his health, the President said he was amused by rumours that had gone round about his medical condition, including rumours that he had died.

“To me, this was amusing. Just like I told some foreign journalists, it is just a medical condition. Anybody can fall sick. I am an ordinary human being like other Nigerians. I can fall sick, I can die; I can die tomorrow; I can die next month; I can live to be 90. I can not guarantee how long I want to live and when I am going to die,” he said

2 Sure-Fire Ways To Identify & Attract A Great Guy

If you've ever wondered about what draws a man
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You're also about to hear insights into how
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Here we go...

Have you ever noticed that just talking to men
for the first time, getting to know each other,
and exchanging contact information can turn into
some kind of impossible puzzle or "game?"

And the more you think about it or about trying
new things, the more you just want to avoid the
whole thing?

It's frustrating and annoying, right?

Does it have to be so much work?

Can't we both just be ourselves and get past
all the tricks, games, etc.?

Well, the truth is, it doesn't have to be such
an ordeal and seem like such a game...if, and only
if, you know how attraction works for a man.

I'll repeat that.

It doesn't have to be a game IF, and only if,
you know how attraction works for HIM.

Notice that I didn't say how attraction works
for YOU.

Have you ever thought about how attraction
actually works for men, and how it could be
different than how it works for you?

Well, then let me ask you...

Do you know what makes the difference between a
man flirting and perhaps feeling some "physical
attraction" for you, and a man who becomes almost
INSTANTLY CONNECTED and attracted to you on a
deeper physical AND emotional level?

I'll give you a minute to think about the

Got it yet?

Give up?

The thing is, lots of women THINK they know how
things SHOULD WORK with men, but their idea or
"strategy" just hasn't seemed to work out so well
in their long, and sometimes disappointing,
relationship history.

And the crazier part is that most women never
really change their ideas or "strategies" on how
they go about finding and creating love,
connection, and commitment in their lives with
men, even when they just aren't working.

So how can YOU change your ideas and
"strategies" to find and create a strong love
connection that really LASTS?

I'll share the answer with you in just a
minute, but first I'd like to talk about HOW
ATTRACTION WORKS around first impressions and
early on in the "casual dating" stage.

Then we'll look at the "deeper" kind of
attraction a man can feel for a woman and talk
about some specific "how-to's" that will instantly
take your love life to a more fun, resistance-free
level as you and a man get closer and closer.


Have you had several relationships fall apart
in the past, the same way with different men?

And when it happened, did you start to think
that all men have a common set of problems or
"issues" that they can't see for themselves, let
alone do anything about?

Well, if you recognize this, then odds are
you've also had that fear and doubt in the back of
your mind that there was also something wrong with
YOU here, not just with him.

And, unfortunately, you also blamed yourself
for some of HIS problems and shortcomings.

Ouch! Don't go to that negative place.

The truth is that you're not alone, and the
good news is that it doesn't take months or years
of therapy to find your own understanding of how
things REALLY work with men, and to stop being so
hard on yourself about it.

And it doesn't take months of intense schooling
or training to change your love life for the
better and get back to that open, connected,
loving place with a man - a place that you know is
there for you.

Let's talk about how things often work in those
first encounters between men and women, and what's
going on underneath the surface here... because
first impressions are VERY IMPORTANT.


The short explanation is that men make almost
INSTANT JUDGMENTS about how they feel about a
woman right when they first meet them.

Everything that happens after a man has a first
impression of a woman logged in his mind gets
"filtered" through that impression, and it colors
almost everything he sees and feels.

So what impression are you making?

Do you know?

And what impression is THE BEST ONE to make?

Let's start with the basics and look at the
situation early on when a man asks a woman for her

When this happens for a man, it generally
means one of several things:

- "I think you're interesting enough to see again
and find out if I could be attracted to you..."
(not feeling much attraction or connection yet,
but curious)

- "I had a great time talking and I'd like to do
it again sometime..." (likes the conversation and
attention, but he doesn't "feel it" yet, even
though there's a "logical" or rational connection
or bond with things in common)

- "I'm physically attracted to you, and I want to
hook up with you, but I haven't really thought
about anything else it might lead to or mean for
me..." (feeling just a physical attraction, with
no thoughts or conscious intentions beyond getting

- "I feel attracted to you, and maybe "something
more"... so I want to see you again to explore
these feelings and find out what you're really all
about..." (feeling both a physical attraction AND
a deeper connection)

Any of these look familiar in hindsight?

Well, for women who are in a place where they
want a real, loving, lasting relationship, it's
important to know what a man is thinking early on
and where he's already at from the start.

NOT finding this out is one of the biggest
mistakes that women make because they invest
a TON of their precious time and energy with
a guy who has no plans for having a deeper,
loving, lasting relationship.

So... you may want to read that last sentence
again -- it's ESSENTIAL to achieving success in
the next relationship you start with a man.

Here are some quick communication tips for you
to think about and use early on with men to help
identify the good guys from the ones that don't
have a clue:

1. Don't Be Afraid To Ask Questions

So many times I hear women talk about how they
don't ever want to come off as needy, "bitchy,"
pushy, etc. with guys.

And often times, women will say something like,
"I don't want to scare him off..."

Two things are important to know here about
asking questions and finding out the "real deal"
early on:

A. Only IMMATURE men who already have fears and
resistance to commitment and relationships will
actually get "scared off" IF a woman asks
questions in a mature, playful, and conversational

The upside here is that emotionally mature and
open guys will be drawn in, not pushed away.

In fact, direct questions, communicated in the
right way, are THE KEY to figuring out what kind
of guy you're dealing with - plus they provide you
with all kinds of answers about the man's real
character and mindset by his response.

But some women refuse to believe that men can
communicate on this open level because of their

I want you to go back to the sentence above
about immature men. And now I want you to notice
the "IF" there...

"IF a woman asks questions in a MATURE... way."

It makes all the difference.

So often we get caught up in our own
perspective, or dealing with and breaking through
resistance and fear, that we don't realize how
much it affects our own subtle communication.
(Think body language, voice tone and pattern,
heart rate, etc.)

B. Context is EVERYTHING

Have you ever noticed that you can say almost
anything and have it mean almost anything, just by
changing the look on your face when you say it,
the tone of your voice, or the emotional state
you're in?

It's fascinating to watch men and women
communicate, because up to 90 percent of the
things we learn and identify about each
other happens through silent, indirect

But sometimes you don't get the whole story,

Exactly. So it's important to be able to ask
questions to find out what you need to know.

Like whether he's genuinely ATTRACTED to you,
or if he's just a player looking for a quick
connection... and then he's "out."

One great question I've heard women ask men is,
"What kind of woman do you respect?"

Asking this question in a playful way sets the
right tone for a man to respond in a way that
creates attraction without putting a man "on the
spot." This not only challenges a man in a playful
way, but makes him think and will teach you a lot
by how he responds.

But remember, the CONTEXT of your communication
is the key... If you say that, and it's all about
an "agenda," such as finding the love of your life
in your first meeting at a bar..., then I promise
it's not going to go over well.

(But you already knew that... wink wink)

On the flipside, if what you're indirectly and
silently communicating is that your questions are
about fun, learning, and most importantly -
CREATING ATTRACTION, then the man will keep
FEELING that connection to you, and respond in

2. Learn What Actually CREATES ATTRACTION For HIM

There are several key "attitudes" and mindsets
that men are naturally and magnetically drawn to
and seek out in women that they like to spend
their time with.

When men interact with a woman and they see and
FEEL these attitudes and "ways of being," they
become instantly attracted... and often don't even
know why.

In fact, many times they can't help but want to
commit to something more serious with these women,
even if they didn't consciously want more coming
into the relationship.

Let me share with you one of the secrets of how
ATTRACTION works for men...

One of the most undeniably attractive attitudes
or qualities for men is when a woman is

I don't mean unpredictable in that she might
lose control emotionally and get irritated, upset,
frustrated, etc. with him or with anyone else
around her.

No. That would actually be a turn-OFF for most
healthy men...

The unpredictability I'm talking about is being
playful, challenging, and creating intrigue.

In my "Catch Him & Keep Him" ebook I devoted an
entire chapter to this very subject. Take a look
at Chapter 7, titled "How To Attract Men."

In this chapter I not only outline the physical
AND behavioral traits that most men are looking
for, but I also describe the attributes that DRIVE

You can download your copy of my eBook and
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The way that YOU answer questions in that
initial conversation with a man can also TRIGGER
attraction. A great example is when a man asks,
"So, what do you do?"

Here's the boring, PREDICTABLE response that
might seem very "nice" and appropriate, but
doesn't create attraction: "I'm an accountant and
I run spreadsheets to calculate P&L."

Or, "I do PR, and I work with so and so clients
who had me create a campaign about blah blah

But wait... these are interesting things about
you as a person that someone should know about and
value, right?

Yes, but guess what?

Predictable responses make for great
conversation to get to know each other - if you
want to be JUST FRIENDS.

And yes, your career might be great and say
important things about you, but you've got to
realize that it doesn't make a man FEEL ATTRACTION
for you.

Just like it's not a man's career that makes
him attractive... it's his personality, the
chemistry you share, and WHY he does the things he

Following me here?


So instead, find a way to keep him guessing...
Tell him some made-up career that's ridiculous,
silly, obviously untrue, and lets him know you're
having fun with him.

In case you didn't realize it, men will
have MUCH more fun trying to GUESS and think about
what you really do, rather then just hearing it
from you right away.

If you think about the animal kingdom, the
female of the species usually selects her mate
by either accepting or rejecting the male's
advances and courtship behaviors.

The same pattern has gone on with humans for
hundreds and thousands of years. By "playing the
courtship game" with a man, you are appealing to
deeply ingrained patterns within him -- things
that he is not even consciously aware of.

For example, if you're at a bar, tell him "I'm
a social scientist doing research here to uncover
how 'beer-goggles' really work on men."

And then you say, with a wry smile on your face
as you look at him in a playful and fake
suspicious way, "How many drinks have YOU had?"

Guess what? A guy will know exactly what you're
doing and JUMP into the fun with you... and he'll
probably even make up a silly joke career of his
own to kind of challenge you back and take things
up a notch.

And now you've got a fun, engaging
connection... instead of a predictable,
emotionally unengaging, and rational conversation
about your real jobs.

There's plenty of time later to get to those
things by the way and cover the predictable life
stuff. But if a man doesn't FEEL ATTRACTION from
the start, on a deep emotional level, then
everything else will be more difficult and move
slowly (if at all) with him.

Create the attraction first, and everything
else will follow.


So I've given you some quick tips on how
attraction works, and some basic "how-to's" to
think about for first impressions and early on.

But we've just touched the tip of the iceberg
about how men really think and feel when it comes
to dating.

This is by no means all "the goods." In fact,
attraction is THE cornerstone to creating any
successful relationship with a man -- so much
so that I created an entire program with women,
for women called "Natural & Lasting Attraction."

This program was filmed before an audience of
women and we covered an AMAZING amount of

If you want to go quickly and easily with a man
from "Hello..." to a first date.

And then from meeting up again, to talking
and sharing deeper things about each other...

And then from physical attraction to a more
lasting "emotional attraction"...

And end up all the way to him saying, "I have
to tell you, something. I think I love you..."

Without dealing with all the mishaps, tension,
doubts, resistance, uncertainty, etc., that most
women experience along the way because the man
in their life isn't "sure" about the way they feel
about them... then you need to check out this
program right now.

You can watch some free video clips and hear
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You'll be AMAZED by what you hear and learn:

Now back to it...

I'd like to answer the question from earlier
about what makes the difference between a man that
is interested in a woman, but it probably won't go
further than some physical connection, and a man
that feels a deep emotional connection and
attraction for a woman and wants to be with her?

Well, most women learn at a relatively early
age that men can experience just a physical
attraction for a woman, and to not confuse this
with something more.

So what is that "something more" than Physical

It's what I call "Intellectual Attraction" and
it's that feeling a man has for a woman that will
have him court and pursue HER and lead HER into a
committed, loving relationship.

The entire first section of my ebook, "Inside
The Mind Of A Man," will give you a clear
understanding of how men really and truly think
about women, dating, and relationships.

You'll have a fresh perspective on how to
improve your love life just by reading this
section and understanding more about what's really
going on with men.

I've also devoted an entire section to the
specific communication and behaviors that
naturally create a deeper, more emotional
connection with a man.

The last thing to remember is that you
shouldn't do all "the work" in a relationship just
to try and make things good with a man.

If you learn how to create a deeper connection
with a man and have him feeling more than just
physical attraction, then he'll be more open,
sharing and easy to talk to, and make things
better for you both.

So don't stay stuck in the same old patterns
and strategies that haven't completely served you
well with men.

Take the next easy step towards your new
improved love life where connection and growth
won't just come from your "hard work," but from
the man feeling so attached and "into" you that
he'll be leading you both forward.

Go here and you can download my ebook and be
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If you're not completely sure if the book is
really going to change your love life for the
better, then I've got good news for you...

I'll let you try my ebook out for free.

I'm so confident that it can help you, just as
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can even keep the ebook.

If you like it, keep it, read it, and watch
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effortless than you might have ever imagined it
would be.

So what are you waiting for?

Go get it right now:

And if you've experienced the challenges of a
man who doesn't seem to want to, or know how to
commit with you on a physical and emotional level,
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even the spiritual connection that will lead
a man to want to COMMIT to you, and only you.

I spell out the common places where challenges,
resistance, and confusion arises in men when
they're in relationships, and show you how to
think about it differently and be able to avoid
the resistance most other women run into again and
again with men.

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Thanks and best of luck in life and love!

Your Friend,

Christian Carter

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Why Men Lose Interest In Great Women

tons of women tell me
how hard it is to find a great guy these days.

Especially a little later in life after a break
up or divorce.

Know what I'm talking about?

Well, then let me ask you...

If you did somehow meet a great guy... are you
confident that you'd know what this attractive,
successful, and "together" single man was really
looking for in a woman?

And more importantly... would you know how to
have him RECOGNIZE YOU as the right woman for
him and want to be with you and explore a real

If you're like some other women I've met and
worked with, then it's been a while since you've
"dated"(or wanted to "date" or get out there).

Which begs the question...

Do you even know how you REALLY come off when
you're around a great guy and you're in that
uncertain and awkward "casual dating" stage?

What's tough here is that meeting men and "dating"
can make it way too easy for you to act nervous,
get a little freaked out, and NOT be your true
"best self."

Plus... lots of women THINK they know what a man
wants, and pretend to understand what will get a
man's attention and win his love and devotion...

But the reality is that too many women end up
making the exact same mistake from the start-
they do and say the things with a man that would
attract THEIR love and desire... instead of doing
what works for HIM.

For a real understanding of what will make a man
see you as the right woman from the start and
feel more intensely ATTRACTED to you each time
you get together... you need to read THIS:

Oh, and speaking of it being hard to meet a great

For the quickest and easiest way to find that
right guy for you, here's how I recommend you
get started and bring the right guy into your
life ASAP, no matter where you live:

My dear... I'd like to share a few
important things about men and why they are the
way they are in relationships.

There's a common situation way, way too many
loving women experience...

It's when you meet a great guy, things get
off to a great start, your relationship deepens,
and you share lots of love and affection...

But then at some point in the relationship,
for what seems like no reason, the man seems to
suddenly lose interest and start to show you or
tell you that he's not sure he wants to be
together anymore.

But what changed?

You racked your brain to try and remember
something that had actually happened that would
have changed his mind about you and your
relationship... but there was nothing.

It was like one day he woke up and was a
different person who no longer could remember or
get in touch with his feelings for you and all
the things you share.

And worst of all... part of you felt like
there was nothing you could have done to PREVENT
IT, or to FIX IT once it happened.

Once he made up his mind, that was it.

Things were never the same.

And even if you did "patch things up"...
in the back of your mind you knew it was only
temporary. And that this surely wasn't a SECURE

Who knew when the next time he'd change his
mind would be and send you and your relationship
into a total tailspin.

I'd like to share with you what's going on
inside a man's mind in these situations...

And how to not only AVOID these kinds of
situations in your future - but make sure you
end up in a relationship where the man can't
help but want to hold your relationship together
and do HIS PART.

An amazing shortcut to improving your
relationship by allowing you and a man to break
through any DISTANCE that might be between you...
and "shift" any negative patterns you have in the
way you talk and share with each other is in my
"Communication Secrets" program.

It is possible to have a man wanting to talk
to you and opening up his heart and mind after
months or years of being CLOSED, and do this with
just a few small changes in the way you start
conversations and share your feelings.

Learn how and transform the way you communicate
with a man, and in turn how he sees you and opens
up to you right here:

Ok, here's something super important I need
you to know about a man and how he either makes
a great partner, or leaves you heartbroken...


Every so often I get an email from a woman
who writes just to tell me what a jerk I am, and
how I should take a hike because I keep putting
all the responsibility on YOU, the woman.

I can literally FEEL the frustration and
intensity that comes across in these emails.

The first thing I want to say is that if
you're a woman who has been holding a relationship
together with your own two bare hands for months
or years of pain and heartache... while your
guys does all kinds of ridiculous and stupid
stuff again and again, then I feel for you.

These kinds of situations are not great,
at all.

I wish the best for you. And so you know...
a true goal of what I consider my "Purpose" and
life's work is to help you share and experience
the kind of love you really want. And to help
you do that without having to go through as much
pain and frustration as you might have had to
endure in your past.

In a way, I wish I could keep you from ever
feeling like you have to do all "the work" in
your relationship ever again.

But here's the reality...

I don't choose the man you bring into your
life for you.

And I don't choose the things that you choose
to say and do and feel with a man.

One of the most important things I've learned
over the years helping women is this-

If you don't know when enough is enough...
then you're destined to contribute to your
own suffering.

How many girlfriends have you known who have
been with guys who might have been "OK" people,
but the guy just kept doing things to them over
and over that broke their heart again and again?

And you watched as each time things went
bad, the same cycle of behavior started again,
only to end up exactly where it left off the
last time with her telling herself he would
change and things would be different.

You wished you could pull your girlfriend
out of this, but all you could do was support
her and be a loving shoulder to cry on when
the predictable bad cycle started again.

But let me ask you...

You might not realize it right now, but
odds are that if you've had a run of "failed"
relationships... then you too have been guilty
of both choosing the WRONG MAN... and of trying
to fix or save a situation that was never yours
to try and salvage in the first place.

As a good friend of mine Marie Forleo likes
to say... Men are "as is" items. Like a pair of

If you buy a pair "as is", you can't bring
them to the repair shop and expect everything to
be taken care of and fixed.

Sales are final. No returns. No repairs.

Lesson: Beware the pair you choose.

Men are the same way when you're considering
a real long-term relationship.

If you're taking a good hard look at a man
you want to change something about him - it's
wise to understand that he's not a ball of clay
who can be shaped over time.

He's more of a pot that was made from clay
who has already been "fired." He's "fixed" as
far as you're concerned once you're in a
relationship with him.

That is, unless HE DECIDES he wants to grow
and change FOR HIMSELF. (Hint - notice that I
didn't say change for YOU.)

No, men can listen and grow and change with
the help of others. And good men grow, and do
so often.

But it usually takes a strong teacher, mentor
or authority figure for a man to hear them and be
open to learning from their feedback.

But this DOES NOT mean that you should become
a man's "teacher." (Although too many women try.)

Here's why...

You ABSOLUTELY 100% CANNOT take on this role
as a man's "teacher" AND at the same time be THE
WOMAN he truly loves, wants to please, and is
passionately ATTRACTED TO.

The two roles just don't go together.

Taking on one role simply doesn't allow you
to act as the other.

Following me here?


So knowing that... which role would you like
to be in your relationship to the man you love?

The woman who is constantly trying to get a
man to change, and who has to struggle with who
and what a man is? (The Teacher)

Or the woman a man can't help but want to
LOVE, and is so deeply affected and moved by
that he can't help but want to be a better man
just to be recognized and appreciated in her eyes?
(The Lover)

Let me give you a hint here:

Lots of women who take on the role of the
"Teacher" often do so out of DESPERATION and
FRUSTRATION with their current relationship
because the man doesn't treat them as the beloved
Lover they want to be treated as.

And because of this, the "teaching" they try
and do with the man is accidentally done in a
way where he feels CRITICIZED. (Which often
happens as a woman tries to tell a man where he's
going wrong - even when she's coming from a place

Truth be told, a man doesn't want a woman
who will try and change him or tell him how to
think or act.

Think "nagging" in a man's mind.

A man, just like a woman, wants someone who
will make him feel APPRECIATED for who he is.

Long story short, I don't think that you, as
a woman, should have to do all "the work" in your
relationship, and constantly be looking for
what's wrong with YOU.

Men should do their part in love and in


It's my belief and experience that the only
thing you can do in a real relationship out of
true love to help your partner is to:

A) RECOGNIZE and ACCEPT who your partner REALLY
is, and not what you want them to be

B) Be the very best "you" that you can be. And
not just for the sake of your relationship, but
for your own sake.

Considering this last point, why would you
ever be upset about being the one to be CONSCIOUS
and GROWING in the way you are in your

Let me land the plane a little bit here...

The reason why I don't talk about how to change
or "fix" a man is because I know you CAN'T FIX

The more you try, the more unhappy you are
going to be, the more the man in your life is
going to resent you and not enjoy being around
you... and the more your relationship is going
to fall apart.

Trying to "fix" a man is a GIANT trap that
way too many women unconsciously fall into in
their relationships without ever realizing it.

And it's this "teaching" that a man perceives
not as love and a desire to improve your
relationship, but as CRITICISM, that is the very
thing that PUSHES HIM AWAY and makes him WITHDRAW.

Ironic, isn't it - that the more you try and
"fix" your relationship by talking to a man, the
more you can make him feel like your relationship
just isn't working.

If you've read my eBook, than you know all
about the trap of trying to CONVINCE a man to
change and feel or act differently. And you know
how and why this only creates more RESISTANCE
inside him to a deep and loving committed

The way to instead make a man recognize that
you're the woman he feels like he's destined to
be with is to understand how both ATTRACTION and
COMMITMENT works for a man.

If you don't understand HOW and WHY a man will
decide he wants to love and COMMIT to a woman,
then making your relationship LAST with a man is
going to be all "uphill." All "work."

If you haven't read my eBook, you can read all
the details about it and download your free trial
copy and be reading it in just a few minutes
right here:

And if you want an even more detailed and
in-depth program that you want watch and listen
to on CD that can help you transform your
relationship from that "casual" stage where
a man is UNCERTAIN and going back and forth
from wanting to be with you and wanting his
"freedom"... there's something I STRONGLY
recommend you check out.

There are specific ways you can tap into
the side of a man that will open him up to being
the one who starts planning your future with you
and talks about all the benefits of a SECURE and

And you can "shift" things with a man more
quickly and with less "work" than you ever
thought possible.

But only if you know how to communicate with
a man around the whole concept of COMMITMENT...
and show him how it's completely in HIS best

A man will be OPEN to the idea of commitment
if you know the NEGATIVE TRIGGERS to avoid that
activate what I call his "natural resistance"
to long-term commitment.

In my "From Casual To Committed" program
you'll learn to spot the things you may already
be doing that are naturally encouraging a man
to NOT want to commit to you... and discover
some easy to adopt strategies to get him begging
to be with you and only you forever.

Check out some free video clips from this
program and learn some free tips HERE:

This amazing program will also give you a
better understanding of what "commitment" really
means to a man, why men like to "just date"...
and how you can adjust your Commitment Timeline
to his so that you will ALWAYS know exactly what
to say and do (and when) in order to sync up
with him as you move forward and grow closer in
your relationship.

(Hint: When you do this and you understand and
tap into the power of a man's Commitment Timeline,
he will think that moving towards commitment is
HIS IDEA, and he'll happily go down that road
with you and lead you as far as you want things
to go.)

You can preview this program absolutely
FREE for 30 days and try out some of the
effective communication techniques inside that
are guaranteed to help you build and grow your
future with a man.

Don't wait for a man to figure things out
and lead your relationship forward on his own.

And don't make the mistake of trying to do
all the "heavy lifting" yourself to make things
come together and work in your relationship.

If you leave things up to a man and his
internal "wiring" that keeps him wanting to stay
"casual" and keep his freedom... then things
aren't going to move forward for you and grow
more committed on any level any time soon.

If you really want to know how to turn a
man who doesn't show much interest in growing
closer and having a more physically or
emotionally committed relationship... then
you need to go and get this program right now.

It's here:

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Secrets of the Super-Traders

The first and perhaps most important ?secret?is to realize that your methodology or approach (no matter how good) is only part of being a highly successful trader. This applies to any trading style including, day trading, swing trading or position trading. The simple fact is that a bad trader can screw up a fantastic trading system. Conversely a talented trader can take a mediocre strategy and make money with it. Why? Please read on and I will explain. Many traders/investors that I have talked with think that to be a ?Super-Trader?that they must possess some type of highly advanced trading techniques or software along with nerves of steel and a highly developed intuitive feel for the markets. In addition they think that these elite group, have some ?inside information?that they don?t. You will be relieved to know that the above is not necessary. There are actually only a few things that separate traders who consistently make money and those who don?t. And here they are?/p> * Skilled traders find a strategy or market pattern that offers a high probability for success. They make money by exploiting this edge over and over again. * Skilled traders never deviate from their methodology or ?wing it? * Skilled traders never enter a trade without a entry and exit strategy. They know exactly when and where to cut their losses as well as taking profits. * Skilled traders never ever let a winning trade turn into a losing one. The easiest way to ensure that this doesn?t happen is to place a protective stop at or a few ticks in the money once your position is up several points. * Skilled traders never hope, pray or wish that their stock would go up. They understand that when they are wrong they are wrong and the best thing to do is cut their losses short. * Skilled traders never trade with their emotions. They don?t allow themselves to get caught up in the latest and greatest investment hype. * Skilled traders always have one goal in mind: To preserve their capital at all costs. They do this by never taking on too large of a position. A good rule of thumb to adhere to is never use more than 5% of your funds on any one trade. This way in the worst-case scenario the stock could drop to zero and your account would not be severely affected. * Skilled traders never get too greedy. There is an old saying that ?Pigs gets fed and hogs get slaughtered? These traders don?t try to make one big trade that will turn them into instant millionaires. They don?t try to hit home runs, instead they understand that it is better to keep hitting singles and making smaller consistent profits. * Skilled traders enter and exit trades swiftly and decisively. * Skilled traders listen to no one else?s opinion concerning the market or particular trade they are in. * Skilled traders are often contrarians. They will be buying when others are too scared to and sell when the crowd starts buying. That?s it, the secrets to making big money in the markets. Perhaps that is a bit of a let down as you were hoping for something a bit more esoteric and complicated. Let me assure you that if you follow the above principles that you will take your trading skills and profits to a level that you never thought possible!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

stop just stop.

Stop Attracting The Wrong Men

Tired of being single and not having the kind
of love in your life you know is possible?

How would you like to hear about the quickest
and easiest way to meet a great guy, know that
he's truly good "relationship material" for you,
and start a new relationship that could end up
being the one that lasts forever?

If you're looking to finally find the right kind
of man, while at the same time making sure you
end your own pattern of wasting your time with
all the wrong guys... then it's time you made
good use of your energy. The very best way to
find and attract the right man to you starting
today is right here:

Hey Funke adeniyi - I'm going to throw out a few
situations that come up with men that you might
be wondering how to handle.

Then I'm going to show you what to do in
these situations.

Let's get started...

Here are some of the most common questions,
statements, and scenarios that women I've talked
to and helped in my seminars and programs talk

See if you identify with any of these:

-"I don't have a problem meeting men, but I
seem to attract all the WRONG GUYS. Why is this?"

-"I've been hurt before, and I don't feel like
getting back out there and dating again. How do
I get myself to a place where I can open up to
a man again and go about this?"

-"I'd love to be with a great guy and enjoy a
close and loving relationship... but there don't
seem to be any good single guys around. Where can
I meet a genuinely good guy?"

-"The moment I finally do see or meet a great
guy, I get nervous and uncertain and I don't
really know what to do or say to get his
attention and interest. What should I do, and
how do I know if a guy is interested?"

-"I've heard that other women have met their
boyfriends or husbands online, but online dating
is not for me." Or... "I tried online dating and
it didn't work for me."

Let's get right to the first scenario and
the question that goes along with it-

Scenario #1:

"I don't have a problem meeting men, but I
seem to attract all the WRONG GUYS. Why is this?"

If I had a nickel for every time a woman
shared this experience with me... then I'd be
VERY well off.

The fascinating part is that almost every
woman who shares this experience seems to believe
she's one of the only "unlucky" women around
who has this problem.

Meanwhile... TONS of other women have this
exact same problem of dating all the "wrong

What's going on here?

Let's break the situation down and take a
closer look.

I'll start from the very beginning...

You meet a guy, you feel a strong level of
chemistry and connection for him, and you get
involved with him.

Then comes your first mistake-

Only AFTER THE FACT, once you've already
become sexual and intimate with him, do you
start to find out who he REALLY IS and what

He wants his "freedom."


He's not looking for a "serious relationship"
right now.


"It's not you, it's him. He's just not ready."

Of course, hearing this AFTER you've already
spent time with a man, become intimate, and grown
more and more ATTACHED to him is a total WHACK
upside the head for you.

I'm betting at least one of these reasons a
man can give for NOT wanting to be with you
sounds strangely familiar.

If you've had this happen to you with a man,
and perhaps had it happen more than once... the
question is how come this kind of thing is so
common with men?

How come a man will PULL AWAY even when you
really hit it off and there's a great relationship
right in front of you both?

And why do so many men so often use these same

Is it because men really and truly are

Or is there something else going on?

Something a little deeper than a man suddenly
pulling away out of fear, or for no good reason
at all.

I'm going to suggest to you that there is
in fact something else going on at a deeper level.

The best place to start is to address the
idea or belief that way too many men are afraid
of relationships.

I have a very different perspective on this
than you might have heard before.

I DON'T believe that men are afraid of real

Not at all.

I believe that men simply don't care much
about relationships until they feel and experience
that intense flood of EMOTIONS that takes over
their body and mind.

And that flood of feelings and emotions that
takes over a man's thoughts and desires, and is
capable of literally causing a man to do a
complete 180 degree turn away from his prior
wants and beliefs, is commonly referred to as

Of course, when I'm talking about this kind
of powerful and transformative force... I'm not
just talking about your run of the mill "Physical

A man can experience that 3 times a day
simply by laying eyes on a woman.

This kind of Physical Attraction has very
little to do with WHY a man will want a REAL
RELATIONSHIP with a woman (although it is also a
necessary component).

In other words, there's something else a man
must experience with a woman that goes DEEPER

And if you don't know what this other thing
is, how it works, and how to create it inside a
man once you're getting to know each other and
"dating"... then it's going to be VERY DIFFICULT
for a close, loving, and lasting relationship to
come together.

To put it bluntly, without this "other level
of attraction"... a man just isn't going to feel
it for you in a way that will have him pursuing
you for more and wanting to get even closer to

Instead, he'll simply be satisfied with
spending time here and there with you on a
"casual" basis... and he won't have much interest
or desire to get much closer to you in love and
a relationship.

This is how a man works.

If he doesn't FEEL IT with you... then no
amount of TALKING to him about opening up or
COMMITTMENT is going to move things along.

In fact, if you try and talk your way into
a relationship with a man "logically"... odds
are it's going to completely BACKFIRE and he's
going to become increasingly DISTANT and
eventually pull away altogether.

You've seen this happen before.

Don't keep making the same mistake so many
other women make trying to CONVINCE a man to
engage in a relationship... when the only way
a man truly gets involved and STAYS with a woman
is when the emotional experiences he's having
with a woman (the deeper attraction) tells him
that this is the one woman for him.

Luckily, if you don't have the right man in
your life right now, and you don't know how
this "other attraction" works, I've got some
very GOOD NEWS...

I've taken the time to put together an entire
in-depth program that shows you what this "other"
deeper and more intense and lasting attraction
is... and I show you exactly how it works and
how to create it with the man in your life.

You can learn all about that "other attraction"
that will keep a man both physically AND
emotionally bonded to you and get free tips on
how this works right here:

And if you're single and just starting off
with "dating" and meeting new men... it's a
whole different situation than when you're
already with a man and you want to take the
attraction and connection between you to the
next level.

In that case, you need to know how to find,
identify, and capture the RIGHT MAN'S attention
and interest... and then you need to know how
the dating process works with a man.

Once you learn all this, moving from first
meeting to the first few dates to a growing
and thriving relationship becomes easy... as
you know all the steps along the way and can
easily move from one to the next with the man
in your life.

Don't let the common "traps" that other women
fall into with dating get in your way.

For the ultimate guide to meeting a great
guy and getting things started off right, and
to get to the very bottom of the things that
keep getting in your way of creating a truly
loving and lasting relationship from the start...
you need to check out my "Meeting The One"

In the letter I've written with all the
details and samples from this program, I share
the single most important thing you need to
know as a single woman dating a man that will
INSTANTLY TURN OFF the right man and cause him
to suddenly pull away.

If you don't know what this is, and why so
many women make this same mistake, then you're
bound to keep messing things up and pushing the
man who could be the right one for you away.

Go to the link below to learn this, along
with exactly what it is you can say and do that
will quickly have a man knowing you're "the one"
for him and carrying your relationship forward
in a fun and easy way for you.

Don't wait. Go here now:

Oh... and if you're single and having
a hard time meeting good guys...

Then I want to share with you the absolute
quickest and easiest way to find a great guy,
make sure he's true "relationship material",
and start to connect with him on a deeper level
right away.

It's right here:

Ok, back to it.

Are men really afraid of relationships?

I'll give it to you straight:

I don't believe that men are inherently
afraid of or resistant to "real relationships"-
even though I'm sure you have your own "proof"
to the contrary.

Here's how I know I'm right...

How many times have you known a man who was
a friend, or dated a man, who was intent on
staying single... and even shunned what could have
been a great relationship with an amazing woman
just because he didn't want a "serious

But then, just a few weeks or months later,
that man met another woman. And within just a
few weeks with this new woman he was COMPLETELY
SPRUNG and head over heels for her... and he
was BEGGING HER for a committed relationship?


If you're like most women, then you've seen
several men you know do this "instant switch"
thing where all of a sudden they want a serious
relationship... when all they could talk about
before was being "on their own."

Here's the reality...

Most men are never "ready" for a relationship.

It's not until they FEEL the magical feelings
and experiences with a woman that tell them that
"Hey, this is the woman for me" do most men want
a relationship.

To make a long story short... love and a
that a man makes or plans for.

Love and a lasting relationship is something
that a man discovers when a woman affects him
in a deep, intense, emotional way to where he
literally makes a "shift"... and his old conscious
and "logical" thoughts of wanting to wait are
simply overcome with his DESIRE.

It's amazing how people (and men) really

And it's even wilder that no one ever stopped
to tell us these things about human nature.

Now, you might be asking yourself... "How
does this all relate to the initial question
of how come so many women choose the wrong men?"

Here's how...

Just like a man, when a woman FEELS that
intense physical AND emotional connection with
a man... she's often carried away by it.

And when this happens, something fascinating
takes place inside the minds and bodies of most

They start to believe that the CONNECTION
they feel with a man is in and of itself PROOF
that this is a "special" situation that is going
to become a deeper relationship... and that the
man must be sharing these same feelings.

When the truth is that, to a man, the
CONNECTION that they feel with a woman early on
can have nothing to do with whether or not they
want a RELATIONSHIP with a woman.

A man who DOESN'T yet feel like he wants a
relationship with a woman can do the following:

-Call a woman, spend time with her, and get
physically and sexually involved with her

-Compliment her, tell her she's beautiful,
and buy her gifts or bring her flowers

-Spend time with her over a period of weeks or
months and still think of things as "casually
dating" with no commitment or "relationship"

What I'm getting at here is that there's
a DANGER in "dating" if you don't understand
how men think and behave when it comes to dating
and what constitutes a "relationship" to a man.

I call this "The Danger Of A Connection."

It's because of the connection that you
feel with a man, you mistakenly believe and
start acting as though he's interested in a
more serious relationship, when he's not there
yet in his mind.

(By the way - this is one of the quickest
ways to make a man PULL AWAY and kill the
ATTRACTION he might have been feeling for you
and stop what you had growing between you dead
in it's tracks.)

I can't tell you how many women meet a great
guy, feel that spark, spend time with a man and
share affection... and then totally MISUNDERSTAND
his desire for a relationship because they become
convinced that he must share the same feelings
they have.

And this is the number one complaint I hear
from great women - that they meet a great guy,
hit it off, they get close and intimate, and then
the guy backs off and they think-

"Argggh! Why do I always pick these same
loser commitment-phobes!?!"

If you're reading this right now and thinking,
"I can TOTALLY relate to this"... I want to help
you quickly turn things around.

To put an end to the Ups-and-Downs of
dating, and to finally have the amazing love
life you want and deserve, I've put together
what might be the best, single, easy to get your
hands on and use resource around-

In my ebook "Catch Him & Keep Him" you'll
not only learn to get to THE ROOT of this
problem when dating and connecting with men and
having them PULL AWAY or turn out to be anything
but the right guy for you.

Dating doesn't have to be filled with "games,"
uncertainty, or even "drama"... if you know how
a man thinks and what to do to truly connect with
a man on a deep level and start the kind of real
relationship you want.

It would be great if you could simply skip
the dating process and dive right into a safe
and secure loving relationship.

I would want that for you...

But that's not how things start off.

To quickly give yourself a real-world education
of how a man becomes ATTRACTED to a woman, how he
sees her as "the one" for him... and what makes
his desire for her LAST, I STRONGLY SUGGEST you
check out my eBook right now.

It's a great place to quickly get started with
my materials and start transforming your love life
right away.

To download your very own copy and be reading
it in a couple of minutes... simply go here:

Now, since we both probably don't have much
more time right now to cover the other scenarios
from above... I'll give you a little shortcut or

Scenario #2:

-"I've been hurt before, and I don't feel like
getting back out there and dating again. How do
I get myself to a place where I can open up to
a man again and go about this?"

The short answer is to get back in touch with
that strong, loving, feminine, beautiful woman
who's already inside you... but who's having a
tough time shining through right now.

To get back to that natural "essence" inside
you that will draw not just any man to you, but
the RIGHT MAN for you... and quickly attract him
to you from the inside out, I recommend you read

Scenario #3:

-"I'd love to be with a great guy and enjoy a
close and loving relationship... but there don't
seem to be any good single guys around. Where can
I meet a genuinely good guy?"

Here is the simplest place to meet a great
guy and find out more about him in the first
few moments of contact that most other women
find out over months of dating:

Scenario #4:

-"The moment I finally do see or meet a great
guy, I get nervous and uncertain and I don't
really know what to do or say to get his
attention and interest. What should I do, and
how do I know if a guy is interested?"

Easy. You need to know what it is you can
say and do that will CREATE ATTRACTION with a
man - even from the first moment.

I show you exactly what it is that ATTRACTS
a man from the first "Hello" right here:

Scenario #5:

-"I've heard that other women have met their
boyfriends or husbands online, but online dating
is not for me." Or... "I tried online dating and
it didn't work for me."

I've taken the time to put together an
entire guide to online dating.

It shows you not only an easy step-by-step
to write the kind of PROFILE that will both
attract the right men and screen out all the
wrong ones online... but it will quickly have
the right men contacting YOU and wanting your
time and attention - for the right reasons.

I also show you exactly how to build on the
connection once you find an interesting guy
online... and how to move from email, to talking,
to your first date and beyond in a fun and
easy way that almost guarantees you'll have the
kind of experience with a man you're looking for.

It's all right here:

I'll talk to you again soon, and best of
luck in Life and Love.

Your Friend,


Monday, May 26, 2008

Why people want to know something about Forex

Forex Signal, Forex Signals Advice There are lot's of Forex signals providers out there. New Forex traders might be thinking of looking for a reliable Forex signals provider. Is there any reliable Forex signals providers available? Personally, I will say do not pay for Forex signals. Think about it - if a Forex signals provider sells Forex signals for living, you can doubt their Forex trading skills? Or else if they are pretty good in Forex trading and making lot's of profit, I am wondering why do they still bother to sell Forex signals for money. Thus, what would be the value of such Forex signals providers? The answer is ZERO. There are Forex traders who have been relying on Forex signals arguing those Forex signals providers really help them making money in Forex trading. These Forex traders can even show their Forex trading logs as evidence. After some though, I came out with the assumption that assuming I am the owner of a Forex signals provider, in order for my business to be in black, obviously I need some satisfying customers.......

Now it is time to seek a newer world

AFRICA was never considered to be a partner, let alone an authentic one in the processes that led to the formulation and implementation of the idea of a global village. And it is not the first time. It is not the first time that decisions that concerned Africa, decisions that would shake and change Africa would be taken without asking for Africa's contributions or consent.
Many would recollect the sad story of the obnoxious Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, the ugly details of which do not bear mentioning here. For those who may not be familiar with this period, I suggest an excursion to the coastal settlements of West Africa for example. Some of the painful chains of that repugnant act still hang today like a nightmare, nearly one hundred and fifty years after, on an island off the city of Dakar in Senegal, at Elmina Castle in Ghana and at 'the point of no return' in Badagry, near Lagos, Nigeria.
Most of us must wonder today how it was possible for some people to decide to take over for their own use and for the benefit of their families, countries and continent, the resources, the treasures and even the rights of other people, other families, other countries and continent. Today we must shudder at the fact that many of these men returned from the colonies with fat loot as heroes only to be honoured at home with knighthoods and national awards. In Africa, we have in our colonial history, partly due to this perverse way of honouring people, such figures like Lord Lugard, Sir Macpherson, Sir Richards and Lord Kitchener.
Of General Kitchener in particular, it is on record that he never considered himself as a foreigner in Africa. Rather he saw the entire land of Africa as belonging to him and to his masters in the Home Office. After all, was the entire British Empire not one vast kingdom where the sun never set? In the line of duty of expanding the empire, Kitchener led the British forces against a small ragtag army of Sudanese natives with little or no arms but pride in their hearts to defend their motherland against the intruder. When the natives had been routed and Mahmoud Wad Ahmed, the leader of the resistance was brought in shackles to Kitchener after his defeat at the battle of Atbara, Kitchener said to him: "Why have you come among my people to commit arson and plunder?" It was the intruder who asked the man whose land it was that question and the owner of the land, the man whose land it was, bowed down his head and said nothing.
A similar scenario was graphically made to play out for nearly a century in South Africa until the whole world rose against apartheid. Today, the colonial masters are as good as gone. I mean those military, gun-totting invaders are gone. But we have new masters who are no different; although they carry no guns, they are decked only in suits and wield nothing more lethal than the pen, they are all over Africa carrying out the same expansionist mission. Only these days they bear different nomenclature and carry their assignment in the new coded language of enslavement. Many of these economic hit-men you would find in the corridors of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, London Club, the Paris Club and the huge multinational corporations.
These men carry in their suitcases economic packages that were designed not to work anywhere under the sun. They persuade countries to undertake huge projects like power generation, road construction, refineries and encourage African countries to borrow money from foreign institutions to finance these projects: Loans that several generations of Africans will never be able to pay back. Or how else would you envisage the new proposed power project in the Congo? It is reputed to be the biggest power project ever in the world and would cost some 80 billion dollars. Long before the project is completed, the money borrowed for the project would have been repatriated to the United States through project consultants and the rest. How, I ask you, will an impoverished and war-ravaged country like the Congo and its equally poor neighbours ever be able to pay for this? This is all part of the new world order; an order which suits only a few.
Eastern African countries like Kenya and Ethiopia are the largest growers of tea. They sell the raw leaves at peanuts to the foreign companies who sell the refined tea to these peasants at simply unaffordable prices. Anyone who was in Zimbabwe in the early 1980s after her independence would be alarmed at how a few white farmers controlled about 80 per cent of its arable land. Today, the country has the highest inflation rate in the world. The current state of implosion was always a matter of time, for all along Zimbabwe sat on a keg of gunpowder and no one was willing to do anything to defuse it. In West Africa, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana and Nigeria are the largest producers of cocoa. Yet it costs more to buy a pack of cocoa beverage there than in Europe.
Nigeria is one of the world's producers of crude oil. We shall not speak here of the politics of petroleum pricing. But I invite you to the Niger Delta where gas flaring is the norm. Gas is a by-product of petroleum. But rather than trap the gas and sell it for home use, the gas is burnt off under extremely intense heat. The consequence of this is that villages which used to know peace and live in the calming ambience of nature in the creeks, are now made to work in the day and sleep at night under the glare of this furnace emitting out flame and heat of hundreds of thousands degrees Farhenheit. When they experience oil spillage, their rivers are polluted and marine life is sorely afflicted. Hardly could they continue any longer with their traditional fish farming. Now people the world over still wonder when the restiveness in the Niger Delta would end.
Some years ago, as part of the globalization policy, the American government came up with the AGOA Act. This is a legislation that encourages the growth and exportation of certain goods from Africa to America. Any other product even if it was cheaper to produce and fetched more money for the farmer was not to enjoy the same tax relief as products that came under this Act. The idea of globalization where countries abroad are encouraged to produce at low cost and export to America to feed the ever-growing consumer demand just cannot work for ever.
Right from the start there is imbalance in the policy. And wherever there is imbalance will always come a fall. A scale heavily weighted on one side will tip over. It is a law of life. History is replete with such instances. It is surprising that till now people never take note that the side that takes all the goodies, the heavier side, is always the first to tilt over. Where is Babylon and its kings? Where is the Roman Empire, where are its Caesars? Where is the Soviet Union of the 15 republics?
Their histories tell us that anything in life built on imbalance cannot last. The excesses of the present globalization are beginning to have dire consequences worldwide. Greed for other people's resources is unhealthy. Greed, I said, not need. Where there is a genuine need for what a country does not possess and it approaches another country for this in mutual respect in a give-and-take, in a win-and-win manner, this is right. But so many things constitute man's wants and not necessarily his needs. Over time our wants have become insatiable that we seem we cannot do without them. Therein, lies a great danger. 'Appetite, a universal wolf, which perforce must eat itself up' is how William Shakespeare described it.